Friday, October 17, 2014

Name your topic!

Checking in to see what kind of progress you are making on your research essay. By this point in the semester-long assignment you should have:
  • A clear, precise topic
  • Several primary and secondary sources
  • An idea of what your argument will be
Your paper is due in class on Tuesday, December 2.You should have most of your sources by the beginning of November and you should aim to begin writing your rough draft NO LATER THAN mid-November.

If you are still fine-tuning your topic or have not found your minimum required sources, please arrange to meet with me during office hours as soon as possible.

In the comments below, provide a concise summary of your research so far. What is the most interesting/intriguing/challenging thing you have discovered about your topic?

This post will be available for comments until Friday October 31.