Course Policies

Required textbooks

ISBN 978-0-393-92030-7

New and used copies are available at Shakespeare & Company Booksellers, 939 Lexington Ave. You may also purchase the ebook through the publisher, W.W. Norton.

NOTE: This book is available in several editions and formats. You are welcome to purchase the edition/format that best suits your budget and reading preference. I will provide reading assignments based on the Fourth Seagull Edition. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are completing the correct reading assignment based on the syllabus.


This course will use a blog for discussion as well as posting announcements regarding reading changes, cancelled classes and other important announcements. I strongly suggest that you subscribe to the blog so that you can receive an email update for every post. We will use Blackboard to share some reading assignments (indicated on the schedule). 

Within our classroom and online discussions, we will treat each other respectfully. Debate is welcomed and encouraged, but should focus on course content. Do not post something online that you would not say to someone face-to-face.

When emailing me, I strongly recommend that you use your Hunter College email address, and I ask that you begin all messages with a salutation, use correct punctuation and grammar, contain complete sentences. Make sure to close your message by signing your note.



You must attend class in order to pass the course. You are permitted three unexcused absences during the semester. More than three absences will result in a grade reduction based on the number of sessions missed. Material covered in class will not be repeated. You are responsible for obtaining any notes/information from a classmate, not from me. You may attend the other section of the class in extenuating circumstances provided space is available.

Late arrival- Arriving late to class disrupts and distracts everyone. Please arrive on time. If you do arrive late, please enter the classroom quietly and discreetly. Consistent lateness will result in a reduced attendance grade. Four late arrivals will count as one absence. Arriving more than 30 minutes after the start of class will count as an unexcused absence.


Your class participation grade will be based on in-class and online discussion. You are required to contribute a MINIMUM of one comment per blog post. The more frequently you comment the more "points" you will earn. Identify yourself when posting using your first name, or first name and last initial. Anonymous posts are not permitted and will be deleted. You MAY NOT post comments during class time. Comments posted during class will be deleted. Comments will be closed after approximately one week and you will not be able to add comments to posts that have been closed, so please post early.

Posting guidelines:

Stay on topic. Your comment should engage with original post or respond to a previous comment

Provide evidence to support your point. Debate/conversation is encouraged, but if you wish to present a convincing argument you will have to support your claim. Make sure that the information you present can be verified and if you refer to an online source provide the link.

Use reputable sources. There is a lot of information available on the internet, but not all of it is trustworthy. Be certain that you can identify the author/creator, whether or not it is a commercial site, the bias of the site and/or its sponsors for any links you provide. Posts that contain links to or information from disreputable sources will be deleted and will not satisfy the assignment requirements.

Use your own words. If you wish to refer to an outside source, provide a link or citation information. Using someone else’s words as your own, or reposting material without identifying the original source/creator constitutes plagiarism.



For each chapter of the textbook, you will complete the multiple choice "chapter quiz" from the StudySpace site. You must answer a minimum of 10 questions per quiz, and you may use your textbook to help you answer the questions. You are responsible for submitting your quiz results to me through the site's gradebook feature (enter your name and email and my email address when prompted upon completing the quiz- this will be demonstrated in class on Thursday, February 4). Submissions must be made before the start of class the day a quiz is due. Late submissions will only be accepted with a written medical or legal excuse. Submissions received during class will be scored as a zero.


Both the midterm and final exams will follow the same format of a term identification section and an essay. The terms will be drawn from the “Key Terms” listed at the end of each chapter in Give Me Liberty! You will have a choice of essay questions that will focus on two or more periods covered in class. The midterm review will take place in class on Thursday, March 17, and the exam will be given in class on Monday, March 21. If you are unable to attend the midterm due to illness, you must notify me by email BEFORE the start of class to be eligible for a make-up exam. You will not be given additional time if you arrive late.


Details of the essay assignment can be found on the “essay” page on the course blog under the “Course Information” heading in the sidebar. The essay will be due on Thursday April 21. The assignment will include analyzing a primary document of your choosing in conjunction with related primary and secondary sources. The essay page will include all of the assignment details and will be discussed following the midterm.

Final Exam

Like the midterm, the final exam will consist of a term identification section and an essay section. The final exam will be cumulative, covering all of the material discussed in the course, but will focus predominantly on material covered since the midterm. The same absence and lateness policies as the midterm will apply to the final exam. The final exam is scheduled for Thursday, May 26, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.


Grade Breakdown

Attendance-- 10%
Participation (blog and in-class)-- 15%
Quizzes-- 15%
Midterm-- 20%
Essay-- 20%
Final-- 20%

Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty

All of the work you submit in this course must be your own. Plagiarism can happen intentionally, by knowingly submitting work someone else produced, or unintentionally, by failing to give appropriate credit to sources consulted. Both circumstances violate the college’s policy on Academic Integrity and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Punishment can range from failing an assignment to failing the course and facing disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion.

History Department’s statement on plagiarism:

"Plagiarism is a very serious academic offense which will result in penalties ranging from reduction of class grade to failure in the course.  Plagiarism occurs when the ideas and words, published or unpublished, of others are presented as one’s own without citing the original source.  Plagiarism also occurs when the papers, research, or works of another person are presented as one’s own work."
See the full History Department Statement on Plagiarism for further information.