Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Bank run at American Union Bank in New York City. Photo from wikipedia
How do you think the relationship between American citizens and the government changed as a result of the Great Depression?

Feel free to use the documents discussed in class (and others that you find interesting) to help make your point.

Links from class: Fireside chats
                            Eleanor Roosevelt Papers

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Americanism and the 1920s

Warren G. Harding, recording a speech. Photo: The Miller Center, University of Virginia

Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio gave a speech in January, 1920 in which he discussed the idea of "Americanism."* How did Harding define “Americanism”? Did the events of the 1920s challenge or confirm Harding’s definition/interpretation of Americanism?

* Go to the StudySpace section of the Give Me Liberty! website for a downloadable version of Harding's speech, as well as a transcript. The Harding speech is under the "Audio and Video Sources" link on the left sidebar.

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