Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chesapeake and New England Colonies

This week we'll discuss the development of British colonies in the Chesapeake region (Virginia and Maryland) and New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island). Read this essay by historian Kathleen Brown about women in the Jamestown colony and consider the following questions:

How were colonists' experiences similar or different in the different regions? 
How were women's experiences similar or different? 
Consider how Brown constructs her argument? What role do primary sources play in helping her prove her point? Would her argument be as effective without primary sources? 
UPDATE: 2/13/15

Read the transcript of the Trial of Anne Hutchinson, and consider our class discussion from today. What does the transcript reveal about the Puritan settlement? How does this document relate to the Brown essay?

***Note: you do not need to answer every question in a single comment. Please DO NOT write multi-paragraph, essay-like comments. Limit yourself to one idea per comment, and check back in a few hours or a few days to follow up. The goal is conversation, not monologue!

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