Monday, April 6, 2015

Midterm Revisions

Here are the requirements and due date for submitting a revised midterm essay for those of you who wish to do so:

  • Due May 15, before the start of class. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED.
  • Submit to the Midterm Revision assignment on
  • Meet with me at least once prior to submitting your revision. Bring a hard copy of your original essay with my comments from I will not grade your revision if you do not meet with me. My office hours are Tuesdays and Fridays, 12:30-1:30 in 1545W. If you cannot make it during that time email me for an alternative appointment time.
  • Revised essay must follow the original requirements: 
    • A clear thesis that presents the argument and outlines the essay
    • Reference to a MINIMUM of three sources; every reference must include an MLA or Chicago style citation
    • Detailed explanation of examples: who, what, where, when. 
    • Analysis for each example: how this example prove the main argument? 
    • Organized structure: present evidence in chronological order, organize evidence to follow outline of thesis, include strong topic sentences
  • Revised essay must ALSO
    • Show substantive improvement
    • Address ALL issues raised in comments on original essay
    • Be written in clear, understandable language with MINIMAL typos, mistakes or grammatical errors
Check this post for updates to these requirements. I will answer questions about the revision in class on Tuesday, April 14.