Friday, May 15, 2015

Final Exam

Choose one of the following questions to answer in a 5-part (introduction, at least three supporting sections, conclusion) essay:

In what ways did the development of different labor systems (indentured servitude, slavery, apprenticeships, wage labor) affect life in North America from the early 1600s through the 1860s? 

The American Revolution and the Civil War were two significant events that irrevocably transformed the nation. To what degree did freedom expand or contract for Americans as a result of these events?

Your essay must include the following:
  • A clear thesis that presents the argument and outlines the essay
  • Detailed explanation of examples: who, what, where, when. 
  • Analysis for each example: how this example prove the main argument? 
  • Organized structure: present evidence in chronological order, organize evidence to follow outline of thesis, include strong topic sentences
  • Reference to a MINIMUM of three sources from the StudySpace site. You may (and should) use more than three sources and you may use the "longer documents" as well as the documents, images and maps from each chapter 
  • Every reference to a source, whether quoted or paraphrased, must include an MLA or Chicago style citation. If you are unfamiliar with the requirements of these styles, you may follow these guidelines for MLA style and these guidelines for Chicago style.
  • You may refer to the Foner textbook, but you MAY NOT quote directly from the textbook and the textbook WILL NOT COUNT as one of your required sources. 
  • You MAY NOT use any other sources besides the Foner textbook, and StudySpace materials. The use of other sources, even with citations, will result in a failing grade on the exam.
Submission requirements:
  • Submit your essay to 
    • Course ID: 9525664
    • Password: History
  • Submit your essay to the assignment for your section, Section 014 (T/Th 11:10-12:25) or Section 008 (T/Th 2:10-3:25)
    • The submission deadline for Section 014 is Tuesday, May 19, 11 AM
    • The submission deadline for Section 008 is Tuesday, May 19, 1:30 PM
    • Late submissions will be reduced by one letter grade. 
    • Essays will not be accepted after 11:59 PM. 
  • The grading rubric is available on, and you may find it valuable to review before submitting your essay. Click on the blocks icon on the assignment page to view the grading rubric.
  • Grades and comments will be posted on I will update the course blog when essay grades and final grades are available. 
Good luck!