Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Welcome, Spring 2016!


This is the course blog for History 151, section 014. We'll meet officially on Monday, February 1, 8:10 AM, but feel free to review the course policies and assignments as well as the schedule of readings (links in right sidebar) to familiarize yourself with the expectations for the course.

We'll use Eric Foner's  Give Me Liberty! Volume 1 Fourth Seagull Edition, by Eric Foner. ISBN 978-0-393-92030-7 as our main textbook. The book is available in new and used copies from Shakespeare and Company, located at 939 Lexington Avenue. You may purchase alternative versions of the book (ebooks are permitted, older editions are also acceptable) from a different seller. Please make sure to have your book in time to complete the first reading assignment (due Thursday, February 4). If you purchase an alternate edition, make sure that your reading corresponds with the assignment since the page numbers don't always match. Readings are based on the 4th Seagull edition pages.

I look forward to meeting you in class!

- Dr. Mariel Isaacson