Sunday, May 15, 2016

Reconstruction Bonus

Hi Everyone!

I'm experimenting with some new technology for the future and used "Zaption" to create this video (technically PBS created the video and I added the questions). Your questions are "scored," but I won't actually record them.

I also annotated a short essay by James Oakes about Lincoln's beliefs on racial equality through Actively Learn. To read the essay, sign in as a student- you can sign in with an existing google account- and add a class. You can find the class titled "CUNY history" by entering class code d03c8.

Both the video and the essay will enhance and complicate your understanding of Reconstruction, which will be beneficial to you in preparing for the final exam. I am test driving these tools to see if they would be valuable to future classes so your feedback is extremely useful to me. Feel free to post anonymously if you prefer- your honest assessment of the experience is greatly appreciated. If you have used Zaption or Actively Learn in another class, I'd love to hear your positive/negative feedback as well.

Thanks for your help!