Research Essay

Please follow these guidelines for  your research essay, due on Tuesday, December 2.
  • Bring 3 hard copies of your essay to class
  • Submit your essay to by the start of class
  • Double-spaced, 12-point font
  • Includes 3 primary and 2 secondary sources, with citations in EITHER Chicago or MLA style
  • Essay should have: 
    • A clear thesis that presents the argument and outlines the points of the main body
    • Subsequent body sections that use specific examples, quotes or paraphrases
    • Analysis of each example demonstrating how it relates to the main argument
    • Appropriate citations for all sources; the reader should be able to find the exact same source that the author used
    • Clear, easy to read sentences
    • Correct grammar and punctuation 

The essay you bring to class on Tuesday, December 2 should be a final draft that you would be comfortable submitting for a grade. The final paper will be submitted by 11:59 pm on Friday, December 12. Please bring a hard copy of your paper to class on Friday, December 12.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments below.

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Stay on topic. Your comment should engage with original post or respond to a previous comment

Provide evidence to support your point. Debate/conversation is encouraged, but if you wish to present a convincing argument you will have to support your claim. Make sure that the information you present can be verified and if you refer to an online source provide the link.

Use reputable sources. There is a lot of information available on the internet, but not all of it is trustworthy. Be certain that you can identify the author/creator, whether or not it is a commercial site, the bias of the site and/or its sponsors for any links you provide. Posts that contain links to or information from disreputable sources will be deleted and will not satisfy the assignment requirements.

Use your own words. If you wish to refer to an outside source, provide a link or citation information. Using someone else’s words as your own, or reposting material without identifying the original source/creator constitutes plagiarism.